Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers

Mu husband found out today that a courtesy officer of a property that he works for time to time, was involved in a chase crash. Officer Roy and another officer went to pull over a guy for speeding, when it turned into a high speed chase. The went around a curve and ended up both rolling their cars in a ditch. Officer Roy had his seatbelt on, but still got really hurt. He told the doctors at the hospital that he couldn't feel anything from the neck down. They did surgery on him for a neck injury, and we don't know if he's still paralyzed. We don't know if the paralysis is permanent or temporary. We know he'll have a lot of physical therapy to do once he can. He has a wife and a 6 month son at home. Please, pray for Officer Roy and his family. Pray for a speedy recovery and that he regains the use of his body. This is heartbreaking! The guy they were chasing was a 20 year old who was driving a stolen car. Really?? You almost killed a police officer, and have multiple charges, instead of just one now. People these days. Anyways keep the officer's family in your prayers. I will let yall know how he progresses.

Here's the new's link: ABC Local News

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