Saturday, May 21, 2011

My parents rock!

This is an old picture. I need to get the newer one of them.

Mom & Dad were both trying to call me at the same time. Mom called Jason's phone. She was asking me what the auto shop hours are, like what time they open. I said I'll get the business card and call her back on my phone [she said my phone was going to busy]. I couldn't find the hours, so I called Mom back to let her know. She asked for the mechanic's name and the phone number. So I finally asked her why she wanted all of this stuff, lol. She said Dad & her are going to pay for the Trooper to get fixed and I'll pick it up Thursday morning. I of course told them that they didn't have to, she said I know but we want to. So Jason & I said thank you. I know that's what familys do and are for. My family has always been like that. $250 is a lot of money to anyone. Dad has been  in NC busting his butt and working non stop for almost a month, so I'm guessing he's got some overtime hours. It's so nice to have parents who will and can do that for us. I love my mom and dad. Thanks Mom & Dad, if you read this. I love you both.

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