Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new goal

So, I'm tired of being fat.. plain and simple. 2 weeks ago, I decided that once I could, the Wii and I were making a date for Wii Fitness. I've found old pictures of me, like this one:

This is one of my Senior pictures, taken the summer of 2003. See how skinny and pretty I was? I don't want to be that skinny necessarily, but not a fatty either.

So here's the numbers, because let's be real... if I don't put this out there, then who will I have to keep my honest?

Starting Weight: 190 lbs
Current Weight: 178 lbs
Goal Weight: 165 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 12 lbs
Lbs to go for Goal Weight: 13 lbs

I'm starting out with a small realistic goal. Once it's achieved, I will focus more on toning up that loosing weight. I will probably do a bi weekly or monthly weigh in. I don't want to clutter up dashboards with my weight stuff. Do yall have weight loss goals? What are you doing to loose the weight?


  1. You can do this sweetie! I have struggled after having babies like crazy to keep my weight under control its a constant battle. Go on Amazon and search Leslie Sansone she has amazing walking videos.

  2. coming from a former fattie, you can do it! i know you can! :)


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