Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My mother's day gift

Yeah, so I know I'm late sharing this, but whatever lol. Yall know the health issues I had that wonderful Mother's Day weekend. So 3 weeks before Mother's Day, I seen someone doing a Vintage Pearl giveaway. I was curious so I went to her shop. Cute stuff, but holy hell, it's expensive. So I looked around Etsy. I found Lalabel Creations. Her stuff is just as cute, if not cuter than Vintage Pearl, and a whole lot more affordable. Here's what I got.

It came in this cute little circle tin. I put our last name on the top heart, the hubs & I's name in the middle, and the boys' names on the bottom. It's our family necklace! No, this isn't a product review. I just don't want yall spending a butt load of money when you can get a great quality product for cheaper.  I paid $32 for this awesome necklace, plus shipping. Can you believe it? I got it in 2 weeks. Awesome sauce!! So if you want some hand stamped jewelry, go check out Lalabel Creations. My only complaint with the necklace is the chain, it's too short for me with this large hearts. I found a longer chain of mine to switch out. I'm just claustrophobic, so that's why lol.

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  1. I order from the vintage pearl on a regular basis haha! I am so addicted to their stuff and they are a Christian organization so I like giving them my money! They have super cute stuff.

    The necklace is adorable. I really love your mommies day gift! Glad your home and I hope you are feeling better.


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