Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giveaway ending tonight!

Hello my lovely followers! Good morning as well! I hope yall don't think I'm actually awake at this hour, lol! Lord knows I love these scheduled posts. My little sour patch kid likes to sleep in, thank God he takes after Momma. So here's the low down:

The Long Mountain Giveaway for the Organic Toddler Shirt or Onsies is ending tonight at 11:59 CST. So get your tweets in for the day, and if you haven't entered yet, you are missing out!

Also, if you are feeling generous and have at the least $1 to spare, please consider helping me save my two little cousins. I don't have very much time to raise the $1900 and I know it seems impossible, but I've learned to never underestimate the impossible. 

I am truly blessed to have to many kind followers. You all have the biggest hearts. By the way, don't ever be afraid to email me. I love to chat, and I don't bite [too hard]. I'd love to make some new friends. I've already met some great ones on here.. Kathy, Katrina, & Jess. So, have a great rest of the morning and a wonderful Wednesday!


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