Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday: Week 6

This is Bryan [one of my little cousins I'm trying to save] when he was almost 3. He was about the age Nick is now, which is 3 months from his birthday. This is when we had custody of them in Indiana. He used to hang out with me when Clayton [his brother] was in school. He wanted to play on the game that I was lol, it wasn't on but he thought it was cool. He turned 7 today, and I was too sick to go over :( He did come with Mom to pick up Nick. So I got to see him and give him a hug, kiss, and tell him happy birthday. Nick went over for the party and gave him the present from us. I got him a drawing set, because he likes to draw and he's pretty good too. I can't believe he's 7!

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