Friday, May 20, 2011

Driving a vehicle in tow

Yeah, I wish I had called someone like Tow Mater to tow my truck to the shop. I didn't though, my brother had a tow strap and he hooked it from his truck to mine. I had to steer and "drive" my truck while he towed it. It was by far the most nerve wrecking experience thus far. The shop was probably 5-7 miles away, but it was pretty close to rush hour so the traffic was lovely. The mechanic thinks it's the starter, but is going to make sure and let me know in the morning. If it is, that's $250 charge to fix it. Umm.. can I catch a break? The car gods & the internet gods were hating on me today. 

The internet didn't want to work with the new modem we got today. I had to go to Comcast and swap them out so we could internet that didn't lag out when Jason & I were both on the PC. So, I go to put the ethernet cable into the router from the modem.. it won't click. WHAT?!? The Comcast guy was super nice and trying to help me out. Finally I rigged it up so it works for now. I tried 3 cables and found out that you just have to push the cable just right into the router. Hmm.. whatever. We upgraded from their performance to blast package. Good news, our internet is like ninja speed! It can like karate kick some lag out of the way!

I've am working on 4 projects right now: picture frame, shelf, mason jar, and memo board. I should have some DIY craft post coming to a blog near you soon :) P.S. the blog is this one! ;) So what are you working on?

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