Saturday, May 21, 2011

Craft: Small Shelf Up-Do

I've had a set of shelves in my closet for over a year now. I started to use them when I bought them, but they didn't fit well. This is before I really got int o my crafts. So I wanted to finish off my entry way. I knew it needed something else to even out the weight on both sides. I grabbed this shelf up and gave it a quick sand.

It's a pretty color of wood, just won't fit in my entry way that color. So I grabbed the white paint.

I went to town painting this sucker! I had to do about 2 coats, and a little more in some places. I even painted the back, not sure why now...

In order for it to fit in better. I decided to do a cream wash like I did on the growth chart. So I got my cream paint and added some water. I got a chopstick that they give you to go, and mixed it up. I used the foam brush, which I wouldn't suggest for this part. Yup.. it's a little runny and the foam holds it all. I obviously wasn't thinking at all then.

Here's a close up of the wash and white paint. I know it doesn't look significant, but it makes a huge difference then bright white. You can see the color better on the edges thanks to my flash and phone camera lol.

It's all painted and has the cream wash, waiting to dry. Okay see the green on that box that I decided to dry it on?? Well if you use a box with color to dry your paint, keep the project off that color. I have a green mark on the back of my shelf now lol.

Here's the dry and distressed shelf. I took my sandpaper and went around the edges and sides to give it that old look that I love.

Here is the shelf's new home, and what's that sitting on there? That's right! The mason jar from this morning. I put some of that white sticky tack on the bottom of the jar to keep it from moving. It would be awful if that fell and broke or hurt anyone so I took measures to prevent it.

Here is my finished entry way. I am loving it so much! The most rewarding part is, I made all of this. My two hands and sweat had something to do with everything hanging there. You can check out my crafts page to learn how to do this crafts as well.

So what do you think? Have you made something similar? What are you working on this weekend??

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  1. Cute little shelf - thanks for sharing!

  2. This goes great with your other craft! Thanks for sharing this also at Masterpiece Monday, Mary :O)

  3. oooohh!!!!!!!!!
    what a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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