Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft: Dresser Up-Do

My mom knew that I wanted a dresser for Nick's room. I had been using a small plastic drawer thing, and we were running out of room for clothes. So she found this dresser in the trash, and snagged it for me. After a lot of cleaning.. it had to be brought back to life.

So other than the fact that it's good wood and a pretty frame.. it's ugly. It's screaming, "SAVE ME!"
Can you see the nicks and srapes? Oh, and you can't miss the ugly knobs & pulls.
Yup, it's in pretty crappy shape. As for the inside of the drawers.. we will talk about that later. I got plans for you buddy!
So, let's get to work. Firstly.. lay down a tarp and do this on a flat surface [cement, wood], unlike myself. Then get your spatula and wood filler. I have Elmers wood filler, mainly because it's cheap and a trustworthy brand. Then I did each drawer and the dresser frame. 
I used quite a bit of wood filler. Don't forget to sand it all down after the wood filler dries. You want a smooth surface to paint. I also filled in 2 holes where pulls used to be on the bottom shelf. I was missing 2 of the 4 knobs.. so the other holes needed to be filled.
While the wood filler was drying, I got my handy spray paint. Krylon Sesame Shimmer that I found on clearance for $2. 

Then I got those ugly knobs and pulls. Ignore the blue and other colors on that board. It's my paint me board lol. So I painted them this pretty color, and it dries in 15 minutes. BONUS!
So, after 3 coats of white paint.. Here's the finished color. I thought about distressing it, but it's Nick's room. Maybe he's not into the vintage like Momma is. I'll let him decide that better when he's older.
Here is the re-born dresser. It's looking mighty nifty, if you ask me! Yup, I'm awesome like that :o)
Let's take a look at those newly painted pulls now.. aww yes, beautiful!

Now I have 2 more pieces of furniture to paint in Nick's room, a room to paint, drawers to fancy up, toys to go through, and move the whole room around. So don't worry.. I'll be back shortly with more awesomeness!

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  1. Great job! That dresser looks great! Happy Memorial Day!

    XO Shar

  2. Thanks Shar! Also, thank you for always stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. They make my day! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. What a wonderful transformation!

    Not going to lie -- I'm a little sad & disapointed that you didn't impose your love of vintage upon your kid..

    Quite thoughtful but still sad.

    Ah well. Have a wonderful day!

  4. You did a great job! The dresser looks cute! I swear I had that dressers twin and just refinished it last week for my son's bedroom.

  5. This is beautiful! I really love that you used to original hardware, too.
    3 coats of're a pro!

  6. Thanks Lesley! Yeah it was a long night too. After the first coat I had to pick up my dad from the airport. Then my 2 y.o. was finally asleep so I got to finish the rest a lot faster lol. Thanks for stopping by hun!


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