Monday, May 9, 2011

Craft: Chalkboard Chores

Okay, I started with a piece of ply-wood. I thought I had a before picture of the wood, but I guess I missed that? So I used the Krylon Chalkboard Spraypaint. I did 2 coats, as advised. After all that dryed, I did my dry chalk primer. Had I not seen all these chalkboard projects, I wouldn't have known to do that.

After my dry chalk, I took a wet cloth and wiped it clean. It dries pretty quick, as you can tell.


After trying to apply this ribbon with my stapler gun and having an epic fail [the staples can through the front], I went to my trusty glue gun! I measured my ribbon and cut them before hand. I made the shorter ends shorter [lol] because the longer ribbon would cover it. By the way, be prepared for some glue gun burns hahaha.

All my pretty ribbon border is done. Now I'm trying to think of a way to hang it. I tried using a picture hanger, but it doesn't hang flat.

I used more ribbon for my hanger! I cut the ribbon in half because it was a thick ribbon. I used the very last of my ribbon to hang it, and just applied it with the trusty glue gun. Here it is all pretty hanging on my wall.

Okay, in between this picture I had printed out clipart of the different chores Nick does daily. I laminated those with some laminating sheets, and had some left over. I used that at the top to dry erase the day. Then I used velcro to put the chores and day tag on. I then got some yarn and a baby food jar. I hot glued the yarn onto the jar and then hung it next to the chalkboard to hold the chalk. I made points for each chore. Each time he does a chore he gets a check mark, even being bad & good. I add up the check marks at the end of the day and he gets to choose what to do with them. So this is my end product. It's pretty successful, we're on day 4 of using it. I ask if he wants to loose 5 points for being bad and he usually straightens up. If he doesn't, he loosing them, sometimes I have to threaten with 10 points lol. I actually forgot to change the day with all the pain meds, but I will do that and add up points now. 

I hope you all enjoy! I'd love to see if you do something similar!

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  2. I love this! I'd like to invite you to post it on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week, I hope you can join in. Have a nice week, Mary :O)

  3. Chalkboards are so fun! Great way to keep everyone in check.

  4. Mary, thank you! I will definitely link up with you. Thanks for inviting me!

    Yaney, thank you as well. Yeah, believe it or not.. it's even working! lol!

  5. Such a great use for a chalkboard. I love the large size. Thanks for sharing - Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    ~Stephanie Lynn

  6. Thanks Stephanie! My weekend was okay, I hope yours was well!

  7. Great idea! Hope it helps your kids do their chores =)

  8. Thanks Jaime! Yeah, he's 2, it's helping more to get him to behave and learn consequences though! It's successful in one way so far, which is better than I imagined :o) Thanks for stopping by!


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