Friday, May 13, 2011

Are you thinking about switching too?

Okay firstly I have a rant about Blogger. This is ridiculous that the site was down for a day and half. I am quite pissed that not only was it down, which meant I couldn't post or read the sites I follow on GFC, but they also deleted a post I made and some comments. I have researched WordPress, and when I can afford to buy the domain name I will be leaving here and using a WordPress platform. I found a great tutorial that tells you step by step on how to switch. Here is the tutorial, and he tells you how to switch without loosing anything! So I will be using this, soon I hope. 

So are thinking about switching after this b.s.? What's your thoughts and frustration? Let them out and feel free to not censor yourself. Really that is one of those things that tends to really piss people off. 


  1. Tell me about it! Mandi still hasn't posted the winners for the Epic Room Makeover and it's all Bloggers fault! I'm going NUTSO over here!

  2. i'm a little annoyed that i lost some of my posts and comments. but i'm probably not motivated enough to move somewhere else.

  3. I hope you win Jess! Thanks Deanna! Yeah Blogger is pissing me off, but I have to wait to move. I know some people aren't going anywhere, which is cool for them. It is a lot of work to move everything lol.


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