Friday, April 29, 2011

Vintage Revivals Come make over my Kitchen!

Sadly, I didn't win :(

My kitchen is awful. Seriously, it's the ugliest room in the house. The whole house needs work, but I'm working on it. The house was built in the 1960's and the kitchen is still in it. The only thing new is the fridge and the faucet fixings. Now, I'm grateful to have this house as it was left to my husband and I when his grandmother passed away. Great grandmother still lives with us, and for some reason there is pictures in the kitchen... no idea why. The table is beautiful after I took the crappy table cover off, but the chairs are those craptastic fold up chairs. The cabinets, are that OMG ugly and bland. The dishwasher is probably one of the first ones ever made, but believe it or not it works. The microwave oven above the stove top doesn't work, but we use it as storage. The window above the sink needs some love with curtain, and the big window's curtains are polyester.. AHHH!!! Oh, and the lighting hahahah it's just special. I know you're thinking it can't be that bad right? Wait until you see the tile and wallpaper. And don't worry, all of our walls can be repainted or should I say painted. We own the house, so we can do whatever. & I'm totally awesome :P

Yeah, we have burgular bars on all the windows and doors. I'm pretty embarassed by my kitchen and the only reason I'm showing yall is because I want  Mandi @ Vintage Revivals to make over my kitchen! Please, I beg of you, transform my 60's kitchen. I would love to have my cabinets refinished, and maybe some more added over by the table area?

Mandi, did I mention I live in Houston, Texas?? We have some awesome thrift shops near by. I'm an hour from the Gulf, outlet malls are close by, and we have the best bbq around. Yes, I'm bribing you :o)


  1. Kassandra!

    Loved this post!! And I think that it is so cute that your great lives with you! We would have a blast and totally make your kitchen awesome!!

    Love your guts

  2. Thanks Mandi! Yeah she speaks Cantonese so she would just talk to you even though you probably wouldn't understand it lol! I've picked up on some things after living with her for so long. I love your guts! I hope you get to come to Houston!

  3. Even though I've also entered (#31...hint...hint) I voted for you :-)

  4. I voted for your kitchen! Good luck to you. I can see Mandi doing some ubber craptastic things for you! - meagan at


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