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Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

A big HELLO to everyone who stopped by my oasis that came from the party at 5 minutes for mom.Thanks for stopping by! This is my first year to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party, and I'm really excited to take part. Before I tell you about me, keep an eye out tomorrow for my 1st giveaway that is also for the UBP!!

So I'm going to follow suit here and introduce myself and let you get to know me better. I started this blog a little over a month ago. I started it originally to document my pregnancy with twins.  Then I decided I would also include my crafts, day to day life, and graphic design tips. I have recently stopped documenting my pregnancy, because it ended sadly in miscarriage. Hopefully soon enough, we will have another pregnancy to document. Until then you will see my day-to-day posts, sock it to me Saturday, digital design challenge on Wednesday, along with some crafting, and giveaways. I named the blog southernndolll, simply because it's my Live Journal name and fitting to me. The blog name might change in the future, but for now it's fine.

About Myself & Family:
All of our pictures are in my header :o)

Kassandra [me]: I'm 25, turning 26 this year. I am a stay at home mom to Nickalaus, and I have an angel baby [Benjamin] as well. I do some graphic and web design on the side, free lancing, and I enjoy it. I have been designing for 4 years give or take. I really got into it after loosing my son, Benjamin, in 2007. I also have a shop where I make custom orders and other products for sale at Southern Doll's Designs. I love to read, Nora Roberts in my favorite author. I also love to do different crafts; scrapbooking, paper crafts, home decor, and anything else I can find or come up with. My family lives in Houston, Texas and we love it here. Hence the name, southernndolll.

My husband: His name is Jason. He is 35, turning 36 this year. He is a Security Officer and works full time. He is a wonderful husband, father, and provider. His favorite things to do in his free time are play with Nick, spend time with us, and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He also enjoys flashlights and LED lights, along with different guns lol.

Our Love Story:
We met online back in 2003, I believe. We were just friends who played an online game [Soldier of Fortune 2] together and talked on MSN from time to time. We both had other love interests at the time and never really thought twice about the other that way. In 2006, something changed. We talked more on MSN, Ventrillo, and the phone. We made plan to meet in August after falling in love before hand. I was living in Indiana at the time, and he was down here in Texas. He flew to Louisville, KY and I picked him up and we stayed in Bowling Green, KY with my friend at the time. We feel deeper in love. We started dating then, and made plans for me to move down here. Dec 6, 2006 I moved to Texas to be with Jason. I moved in with him, and within a month we were pregnant with our first son, Benjamin. We got married May 3, 2007. It's been a bumpy ride and we've had our fair share of fights and making up, but it's all been worth it. We are still madly in love.

Our babies:
Benjamin: As I said above, he was our first son. He was due in September of 2007. At 27 weeks we went in for a doctor's visit to find out that he had passed. I elected to have a C-Section and he was stillborn June 11, 2007.  He was 21 inches long, 1 pound 1.4 ounces. We had an autopsy done that showed he had a thyroid problem and suffocated. We later found out that a blood clot blocked the umbilical cord, causing him to suffocate. I have a blood clotting disorder, DVT. So in future pregnancies I have to be on Lovenox, a blood thinner, to keep the baby alive as well as me. It was the most devastating thing that happened to us, loosing Benjamin. We talk about him, have pictures of him, and miss him daily. We will never get over it, but we have found ways to deal with his death.

Nickalaus: He is 2, soon to be 3 in August. Thanks to his big brother, I took Lovenox throughout my pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy. Nick was born August 7, 2008 [Miracle Day] at 9am. He was 6 pounds 5 ounces, and 19 inches long. Now he's 40 pounds and 3'2. He is the light of my life. He is very intelligent, and I'm not just saying that. He knows how to get to places like Nana & Papa's, Unlce Brians, Walmart, McDonalds, and Walgreens to name a few. He also knows his ABC's, colors, numbers. He loves to watch Sprout, and it's always on my TV. We watch Caillou, Bernstain Bears, Fireman Sam, & Bob the Builder regularly. He loves to draw, color, play with play dough, and do crafts. He loves his stuffed animals and cars. He also loves to help clean. He has a big vocabulary and can carry on a conversation with you. He's adorable and I could go on, but I'll stop.


  1. Hey there...thanks for stopping by My World...I'm so glad to have you there. I'm now following you as well.

  2. My son is nearly the same age Nickalaus. He just turned 3. Nice to meet you and happy partying!

  3. How neat! It's a fun age, huh? Nice to meet you too! I'm going over to your blog now! Thanks for stopping by :o)

  4. Hello! Lovely Blog :) I'm stopping by from UBP11, I cant to read more..

    I'm your newest follower,
    Karina @

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I have a blood clotting disorder, too, and developed clots during the pregnancy and they had me on the blood thinner during the pregnancy. I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless you.

    I'm your newest blog follower and stopping over to do the #ubp11 party dance on your wall! whhhoooohooo! oxoxoxo Susie

  6. Hello Karina! Thanks for stopping by :o) I'm your newest follower too :o)

    Hello Susie! Thank you. I am so glad they knew about your clotting disorder. I'm your newest follower too!

  7. Reading your story really makes me thankful for what I have. I applaud your courage to share your story and the strength you must have. I don't know how I would cope with such loss.

    Blessings to you and your family, great to meet you! Stopping by from the UBP11


  8. Thank you Christina! I really appreciate it. Bless you and your family as well. I am following you as well love.

  9. What a heartfelt story; so sorry to hear of the losses of your babies (recently and Benjamin). Now following you from the blog party. Hope a beautiful baby comes your way soon.

  10. Thank you sweetie! I am following you now as well.

  11. Hey there poppin in from the 5 minutes for mom Blog party. Love your blog following you too. come see me at

  12. I like your new blog name- it was what made me click over from the UBP!

  13. Hey Shell & Shelinwa! Thanks for stopping by girls. Thanks Shell, I'm glad you like the new name :D


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