Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sour Patch Kid

I swear my 2 [soon to be 3] year old is like a Sour Patch Kid. The whole they're sour then sweet, matches him to a T. Like tonight, he would do the evil face and shouting thing. God Lord, I hate that! Then he would come and try to kiss the babies in my belly. I tried to tell him that the babies had to go live with Benjamin [bubby] in Heaven. He says NO! I told him we'd get more babies in there soon. He does this sour and then sweet thing all day long. Sometimes I try my best not to let him see me laugh. Some of the things he says and does are hilarious. Other times it's just down right frustrating. I wonder will I make it through the Terrible 2's to see his 3rd birthday? If I do we will be doing a Sesame Street theme.

My mom, aka Nana, came over before Jason went to work to help me with Nickalaus today. She took my to get my medicine and stop by the grocery store for a couple of quick things. Tomorrow she is coming over so we can go grocery shopping for real. I needed to get my coupons and list. I actually still have to make my list. I need to go through and get my recipes gathered for my meals this month. I've been behind with the pregnancy and miscarriage. So I will go and get that gathered, and hope that this kid falls asleep soon. God bless all mother's of toddlers.


  1. Joey has been like that for many months now. He'll come hug me and kiss me, then next thing I know he hits me or is going insane. Then back to sweet again. It's been driving me crazy!

    When does Nick turn 3? I thought he was already 3, haha. Joey turns 2 in June.

    Now I want some sour patch candy, LOL!

  2. Hey Kassandra! Thanks for following Texas Type A Mom - I'm now following you back.

    My daughter is 2 (3 in December) and she does the sweet and sour thing all day long. I think it's part of being a toddler. It's so frustrating but hopefully they'll grow out of it soon.

  3. @Jaime, he turns 3 August 7th. I'll make sure you get an invite! Nick does the same kind of thing, except he knows better than to hit me lol.

    @TexasMom. I agree hopefully they grow out of it soon. I'm from Houston area, which part of Tx do you stay at? & Thanks for stopping by and following me too :o)

  4. Joey is finally learning he can't hit. He learned it from his daddy. Sergio used to walk past and just playfully hit me, so Joey started but took it too far, haha. I got Sergio to stop awhile back and Joey is almost broken out of it, lol.

  5. LOL! That's good. Nick has a mouth on him, he knows better but he tries to test me.


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