Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Weekend

Yeah, I know it's a little late. I've been waiting for my phone to upload all these pictures lol. So here's my weekend recap.

I woke up later than I should have. In a mad rush to get ready, I run for my coffee that my wonderful husband had already made for me. What do I find in the kitchen? Half a dozen eggs on the table and floor. AHHH! The sour patch kid strikes again! I asked him why he did it, and his response is "I wanted eggs momma". So I didn't get on to him for it. I really couldn't, it was my payback. I did the same thing to my parents at his age. So after I get that all cleaned up, I hurry up to get us ready. Nick & I were getting all the stuff together to go to the beach with Mom, Dad, Brian, Clayton, and Tyler. Jason had to work, poor guy. So we were about half hour late picking up the gang. We got some gas and sodas, and headed down to Galveston, Tx. What a nice drive! Dad drove and I rode shot gun. I can't stand to drive downtown 45 without my anxiety medicine.

The downtown skyline of Houston. It's beautiful right? Just don't drive in it lol. So anyways, we had a nice drive down. There actually wasn't as much traffic as normal, which is a shock! Don't worry we were still stopped on 45 between 288 and 59. So we got down to Galveston and seen our pier! 61st Pier. Hurricane Ike knocked it down, but they finally got it finished.

We went to the beach and got in the water. OMG! Freezing!! It might have been 72 in the water, but the wind made it soooo much colder. I didn't stay in for too long. I did play with Nick in the water for a bit and splashed around. We decided to get out for a bit. He then decided to play in the sand. He did that for quite a while and had tons of fun.

There's some pictures of Nick, Nana, and Papa. After we all got done at the beach, we decided to go to our favorite place to eat down there... The Spot! OMG, it's amazing!! Here's a picture of Dad, Nick, Bryan, Clayton, & Tyler as we were leaving The Spot to head home.

I took a ton more pictures, but seriously you would hate me if I posted them all. So we headed home. Turns out I got sun burnt :/ I always do the first time.

I was momma on a mission! I got up and got ready. Nick & I headed to Target for the free reusable tote. I GOT ONE!! Woot! I bought our sodas first so I could get it before they ran out. Then I did my shopping. I got 2 Seventh Generations Laundry Detergents for $11.99 plus $1 off. I also got Nick a few little things for his Easter basket. We also found a Fireman Sam DVD on the kids $5 rack. I was looking for the paper towels that you get the $5 giftcard for, but that store was out. I'm headed to another one tomorrow, unless the coupon lasts a bit. After Target we got some lunch and then headed to Michaels. I got some Mod Podge, alpha tiles, 2 cow cups for Nick, 2 two packs of canvas's [they were BOGO free], and stencil adhesive. Score for me!

So that was pretty much our weekend. Minus my Sunday afternoon conversation with a less than pleasant person. I ended the night with a bubble bath to relax. I hope your weekend was as great as mine! Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww, I wish I could go to the beach, especially before it gets too hot. Joey's only been once, last year around this time. I need to ask Sergio when we can go.

    Sounds like you got some good deals!

  2. What a lovely weekend!! And a bubble bath sounds lovely! :-)

  3. Thanks Jaime! I'd wait a bit before going to the beach again to swim.

    Thanks Valerie!


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