Thursday, April 21, 2011

Domestic Goddess

Today I was the domestic goddess, if only I looked hot while doing all of it! haha!

This is what surrounded me for quite awhile today. See the demon trying to "help"? Yeah.. not after momma folded all those clothes.

It continues! I'm being attacked by the clothes and baskets! Send help! 

Good lord, I think I need like 12 more hours on Wednesday. Instead of 24 hours, I need 36 at least. Today I did laundry, and at 2:30am I'm still doing laundry. I also loaded the dishwasher, washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and swept the kitchen. I fed Nick lunch and his snacks in between all of this too. I also went through Nick's clothes to put up the small ones and then went through the bag of hand me downs to see what would now fit. I organized his closet and picked up his room. I also picked up my room, changed the sheets, and made the bed.

Nick decided to use his scissor and made his own hat. I taped it for him. This is what he did while I cleaned.

I guess sine I was cleaning, he decided to "fix" some things.

I went to my normal 630p meeting today, and then stopped by Walmart to get a key made, but the automotive dept was closed...FAIL!  Oh.. after the meeting I scored some free craft stuff! WOOT! There's a lumber yard right by and they had some stuff near the trash so I asked and they said I could have it. I will show yall tomorrow what I scored! I'm so giddy about it. Friday after my meeting I'm getting some more of their "scraps". Okay so then I came home and ate, Whataburger at the hubs request. I helped the hubs spray down the dogs [we're dog sitting my brother in law's 2 dogs, plus we have a dog too]. Then I gave our little dog Lucy a bath. I got some more clothes out of the dryer, and I have to go do that again. I also have to iron the hubs uniforms and Nick's dress outfit. I'm a busy woman, but I needed a break.

Oh yesterday the hubby grilled steak for Mom, Dad, Tyler, Bryan, Clayton, Nick, Bak, & I.

I got him off guard, lol! Yummy!

The hubs makes the best steaks in Texas. I made the sides for dinner. We had sweet corn on the cob, salad, baked potatoes, and mom brought pasta salad. I ate so much! I think I'll finish that salad and pasta salad tomorrow too! lol. I'm still drooling over that food. I think we will make this a monthly date. 

Okay, I'm going back to being the domestic goddess now! I hope your day was good. Did you do anything crafty? I'm dying to do my crafts! P.S. Wanna do me a favor and click on the "On the Fence" button? I'll give ya a big kiss!

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