Thursday, April 28, 2011

Craft: State Love Frame

I got the idea for this after seeing Lolly Jane's State Pride

Okay so first I got on the internet and found a map of Texas that included the cities. I printed that out to the size that I wanted. I wanted it to fit in a 8x10 frame and take up a bit of space.

I had a cheap Dollar Tree wooden 8x10 frame. I had already painted the frame white and distressed it. Then I took the back of the frame, the part the holds the picture in. I covered the front of it with some cream fabric, the same fabric I used for the rosettes.I measured my fabric and ripped it with some excess around the sides. I got my handy dandy glue gun and started gluing the fabric to the back.

There is my new backing all pretty with the fabric. Glue gun, I love you!

I took the map that I printed out to begin with. After I cut it out of the white printer paper, then I traced it on my blue scrapbook paper. 

After I traced it I carefully cut it out. I should mention that before I started tracing and cutting, I put the original map on my new backing to make sure it would fit. I laid the original map on top of mine and pressed down on the city with a pencil to mark a spot.

I had some paint samples in my craft basket and thought the green would be perfect for a heart. I tried tracing it with a stencil, but because it was so small it wasn't working. Yeah, if you've noticed.. stencils seems to hate me. I put a grey box around the little green heart so maybe yall could see it.

Tacky Glue, is made of awesome sauce if you didn't already know that. I turned my map over and put Tacky Glue around the border and some in the middle. Then I centered it on my backing.

Here's my map glued down. I glued the heart with a dab of hot glue. Let's see if yall can guess the city.

Epic FAIL! I go to put the picture in and pushed down too hard on those crappy little metal picture things on the back. So yeah, I cracked the glass. I almost thought I'd have to find another piece of glass to fit. Then I hand another idea...

Yup, genuis I know! I got my glue gun and glued the ribbon to cover the crack and then added another fabric rosette. Are you seeing a trend yet? So that's my finished product, and my entry way is almost done.

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  1. That turned out so cute- even your "blooper" makes it look great! Nice job :) Thanks for the shout out! xo

  2. oh my, I love this. I am from Texas, born and raised but now in AZ so I am loving this. Thanks for showing us how. I have to make this. I love the burlap!!!!

  3. Your framed map is beautiful!

    Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

  4. This is adorable! I am definitely bookmarking this. New follower from Bliss Images and Beyond. Would love for you to stop by and visit! :-) Great job!

  5. Thanks sweetie! I will be going by your blog now :o)

  6. I like it better with the ribbon and rosette! No one would ever know why it's there! Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty Thurday!:)

  7. Cute!! I need to practice my Pennsylvania drawing... :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!!


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