Saturday, April 16, 2011

Craft: Spring Wreath

I actually did this craft a couple of days ago. I've been meaning to post it, but I've been so busy. I've also wanted to start other projects, but life has been kicking my butt! On to the craft...

Glue Gun & Glue
Wire Cutters
Twig Wreath 
Fake flowers [I used these purple ball flowers & magnolias]
Wire edged Ribbon [I used white]
-All of my materials other were bought at the Dollar Tree *thrifty score*-

To start out I glued down any frazzled twigs. I also started cutting the stems off of my purple ball flowers and finding the right placement on the wreath for them. 

After I was happy with my purple ball placement. I got the glue gun and started gluing them in place and burning my finger. You can't use a glue gun and not get the hot glue on your finger right? Or is it just me, lol?

Woo hoo! Got them purple balls done. I ending up adding a few pieces more here and there. The hard part came. Where to put my magnolias, how many to put, does this look good, blah blah. I'm always second guessing my craft decisions. So after my trusty assistant gave me his input, aka the hubby, I got my magnolias placed and glued. I cut the stem all the way down before gluing, don't forget that! 

Then I decided to do the white ribbon instead of the yellow I originally showed. I got a piece long enough and cut it. I tied it in a knot in the inner side of the wreath and then made my pretty bow.

I cheated to make that pretty bow, lol. I cut a piece of fabric and made one loop. I hot glued that to the knot and did the other loop. I used the wire to make them pretty. Then I also cut more fabric for the ends of the bow and hot glued them to the knot too. My mom used to do this with her paper baskets. Thanks Mom! 

So here it is hanging on my garage door! We use it more than the front. I am going to make another one for the front door too at my mom's request. I now have to make her one too. :)

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  1. I wanted to check out all your crafts so I went searching.

    Love the the spring wreath.... Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Terry! I actually just seen that a flower fell off of it the other day. I'll have to revamp it next spring lol.


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