Sunday, April 10, 2011

Craft: Car Trashbag

Okay so since I finally have my own vehicle, it needs to be a little more girly and momma functional. With a 2 year old, you need a trash bag in your car. I started out with recycled grocery store bags. Then I was over at my Mom's tonight, who has a sewing machine and some material, when I decided I was going to make a pretty trash bag for my car. So I got started getting my materials together.

So you will need the following materials:
- 29 x 24 inch material for the main fabric
- 2-3 x 9.5 inches for the handles
- Velcro, I made mine a bit longer, about 2.5 inches

Pin all your materials. Make sure that you pin them inside out and leave the top side open. Also, unlike myself, leave about 1/4 of in inch un sewed so that you can later turn it into the trim. I didn't do a lot of measuring nor was I very precise. I just went with it. After you get all your fabric sewed, and your velcro sewed onto your handles [make sure you sew the velcro on the opposite sides of the handles so they can connect correctly lol.

My trusting hand model lol. Now to get the grocery bag to stay in there you just put each handle through your new trash bag handle, and then velcro!

Another view with my trusty hand model, who just happens to be my mom. How lucky am I?

The final result in my car! Already in use! I don't know how good am did with this so I'm going to add some tips. I'd really love to know if you make one :)

- Sew the velcro in the middle of the handle and down the middle of the strip of velcro.
- Watch your fingers, stupid sewing machine got me, lol.
- Measure! I should have done this but I didn't feel like it.
- Try to make sure your bag isn't too big before you get too far. Mine was and I had to fix it.
- You might want to iron your pieces as you go, but again I'm lazy.

If you have any questions, let me know. Sorry if I suck at explaining this.

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  2. Hi from your newest follower from the blog hop. This is a great idea especially for a car that carries children. My grandchildren always have something that needs to go into the trash and not on the floor of my car. LOL Thanks for sharing..♥
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  3. Hello Rachel & April! So nice to meet you both. Thanks for stopping by and following. Thank you for the comments on the craft as well. Going by both of your blogs now to follow :o)

  4. Visiting from the Creative Crate party. What a great use of shopping bags. I love the way the handle goes through the bag handles to hold it up.

  5. Hey Tru, thanks sweetie! It's not 100% perfect, but it does do the trick! I'm going by your place now.


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