Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busiest day of the week

Wednesday are always my families busiest day of the week. It's Jason's last day off of work and he usually has a million things to do. That means I have a million things to do, lol. I got to sleep in today for the first time in months. Jason and Nick woke up early to go down to Chinatown. Jason had to get some stuff from the market to do an offering for his dad. Today was the day of his father's death anniversary. If I haven't mentioned, my husband is Chinese, and they offer food, paper clothes, paper money, and other things to the dead spirits. It's actually quite interesting, at least to me. We also light incense for certain spirits as a "I'm thinking of you" thing. 

Back on topic, lol. When the boys got home I got to shower alone for the first time in months as well. I was on a roll today! We went grocery shopping at H.E.B. I love it there, the fruits and vegetables are the best. I try to go when Jason's off, because there's certain things he likes to get too. I got the chicken I need for the chicken and noodles I'm going to make [yay!]. I also got blackberries to make blackberry dumplings, super yummy! We got a bunch of other fruits and vegetables, along with some meats and what not. I'm going back Friday to get this green laundry soap that I read about today. I'm trying to be more green, but that's for a later post. We came home, ate some quiche, and then I had to run. Tonight is my meeting night. I went and picked up my dad and we went to the meeting.

I came home and enjoyed Nickalaus before he went to bed. Then I got started on my to do's for the night. I had told Jason that I would wash and iron his uniforms. He usually takes them to the cleaners, but that's $3-$5 dollars a week. I really hate to iron, but I like money. Plus that's $20 I could be spending at Goodwill or garage sales! So I got started on that, burned my knuckle, and even ironed some of my shirts. I got laundry out and started more. Then I had to repaint my growth chart. I made a big boo boo and had to turn it over to start over. Not excited about that, but it's trial and error right? Then I made a craft that I will share will yall tomorrow. 

Picture Time!

One of the shirts I ironed of mine. I love this shirt! I got it at Academy. All that glitter says different things that we Texans and most southerner's love! Okay, have a good night. I would love to hear from yall.


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  2. Thanks Karen! I'm going by your page now! xx


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