Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Blog Hop

Bloggy Moms is hosting an April Blog Hop. Just a fun way for you to make new friends. You just add you link and then find some interesting blogs to follow.

If you're not a member go sign up! I just did and am awaiting my conformation email. I was just reading a cute story on there while waiting. Here's a little about them:

"Bloggy Moms is a social network for mom bloggers. Bloggy Moms is a place where moms who blog can come to learn more about the mom blogosphere .  Mommy bloggers gather at Bloggy Moms to talk about the latest news and trends in blogging.  Bloggy Moms is a place where mommy bloggers can find support and support each other. Moms can find everything here from discussions about RSS feeds and sidebar widgets to parenting advice and giveaways.
 Bloggy Moms was found in November 2009 by Tiffany Noth."


  1. Thanks for the tip! Heading there now!

  2. Good to hear Heather! I hope you enjoy it! I am so far :)


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