Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update

Saturday my mom & I went to Children's Place so I could use my coupon and get Nick some shorts. My Dad watched Nick since he was a terror last time I took him there. I ended up getting him some really cute stuff, but I spent too much even with my coupon. It's the only time I can justify spending the money is on Nick, not myself. So here is what he got:
I love plaid, can you tell?

This goes with grey shorts

The khaki cargo shorts as just like his Daddy's. The others
are his swimming trunks.

So then Mom wanted to go to Bath & Body Works to get some refills for her car air freshener. I usually don't buy anything from there these days, but I seen some Lavender Sleep Pillow Spray and I had to have it. I've been having problems sleeping and Nick just fights his. I used to get it a lot when I was a teenager so I know it works. I used it last night and it works like magic. I love it!! So my little cousins stayed the night last night. All the boys had fun, until they got in trouble this morning. I took them home at 11a because Dad was lonely with Tyler [brother] sleeping and Mom at work lol.

On a completely random and hilarious note... We have a ear thermometer and Nick loves to take his temperature. So he says it's not working Momma. I look at it and it's flashing POS! hahahah! My thoughts exactly! Jason can fix it tomorrow.

I am looking forward to putting this kid to sleep and enjoying Army Wives tonight. Also my best friend Nic will be calling me around 10 tonight! Have a good night everyone!


  1. my livejournal name was/is no_mix_of_words, but i don't use it anymore.

    also, i see that you're pregnant with twins. congratulations! they are due the day before owsley was born! :)

  2. oh okay, nope i didn't know you on there lol. thank you! how neat about the due date. thanks for the comment you are my first one lol.


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