Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sock it to Me Saturday: Week 1

Sock it to Me: means "lay it on me" or "give it to me straight". So I take that as be blunt and no b.s. So every Saturday I will tell you something and give you my honest opinions and thoughts on it. I encourage you to do the same in your comments. I don't offend easy, so please be blunt and say how you feel!

Topic: Spanking children
My Thoughts: Do I whip my child? Yes I do. Is it the first resort, no. I give him plenty of chances before I do that. I don't spank him hard, but he gets one when he needs it. I personally think that's what's wrong with today's youth, a lack of discipline. Parents who are worried what others will think or trying to be their kids best friend instead of a parent. I love my son, and I want him to know what's right and wrong and that there are consequences for his actions. With him being so young he gets 1 or 2 smacks on the butt or hand depending on what he did. I don't think the cops should arrest you for spanking your kid. With that being said, do I think you should beat your kid? No I don't. There's a big difference in the 2 things. I don't think your kid should be spanked more than 3 times as a bigger kid. If you leave bruises/scratches on your kid, that's abuse in my book. If your child is terrified of you, then you're probably an evil monster who should be beat yourself. I am avid about child abuse awareness. I just think that spanking is a part of discipline, that should be a last resort or used in situations where it's needed. Not because your kid spilled a drink. I think talking to your child on there level and explaining what they did wrong and time outs go a long way. So what do you think? Are spankings okay at your house?

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