Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A slight scare

So we ate dinner at Fudd Ruckers with Mui and Brian. After we went to Mom & Dad's. I went to go pee and Mom & Jason were in her room, and I seen blood. I screamed I'm bleeding and Mom came running in there followed by Jason. Now it wasn't like period blood or miscarriage. There were no clots, more or less spotting. So I called the on call doctor and he said it was most likely caused by the sexual intercourse we had yesterday. Well, that's never happened to me before, so it's new. Anyways, I'm spotting off and on, he said he thinks I'm fine but to take it easy and no sex. So I'm fine and I'm sure the babies are too. I don't have any cramping or pain in my stomach. I've had 2 miscarriages so I know what it feels like and I'm not going through it right now. I then called my nurse today and told her I was spotting brown and what all happened yesterday. She said no sexual intercourse for a week, that the cervix softens which could cause bleeding during intercourse. So she said if it continues to call and I'll have to go in before my appointment on April 6th. I felt the babies move last night, so I know they are fine. I just wanted to share this incase if happens to any other pregnant momma's. If you're bleeding and haven't had intercourse in the lat 48 hours, then there is a reason to worry, otherwise you're most likely fine. Have a great Tuesday!


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