Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Design!

I put up a new layout from Blogspot Templates but I changed the header to one that I made :o) I love it! I have a headache, and I think it's a combination of taking my blood thinner injection too late and not wearing my glasses. This pregnancy dementia is kicking my butt! I swear I've been forgetting everything. It's taken me going to the store 3 times to remember sour cream & cream cheese. My two little cousins are staying the night tonight.  The youngest, Bryan, fell asleep already lol. Clayton, who's 11, is still awake of course and tearing it up on the Wii. Nick fell asleep earlier too, but he's awake again. I'm trying to get him to lay down for good now. I'll update more about the weekend tomorrow. xoxo

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